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HERE are some results from using
Pages Made with Sales Page Builder…



Embedded Image.





YES we have used pages made by this software on our own offers and they
converted amazingly well, the results speak for themselves!




Want to Create Pages in SECONDS that will load 300% FASTER
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From the desk of Ankur Shukla & Miles Sharma

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Dear Online Marketer,


There are a good number of page builders out there and most of them have the SAME PROBLEM...


They use WordPress and create BULKY Pages that are not fast loading.


They are not responsive all the time.


THey are not high converting designs.


& that is one big reason why you are LOSING sales every day.


Here take a look at this…


Embedded Image.

You can see that pages created with software like Optimizepress or any other wordpress based or self hosted product are super heavy…


And definitely NOT fast loading.


They are also very complicated to use (& often crash your site or hang up)


This is what is costing you thousands of dollars in LOST SALES each month.

The FACT is...


  • Fast Loading pages get you more sales.
  • Mobile responsive pages get you more sales.
  • Using PROVEN designs and templates is GUARANTEED to get you more sales.


That’s why we decided to build something that was DEAD SIMPLE…


  • Fully desktop based.
  • That'd work on Mac and PC both.
  • Comes with high converting + great looking responsive templates.
  • A simple FILL IN THE BLANKS page builder!






Embedded Image


Create Sales Pages that load faster, convert better without any coding
or experience -  all it takes is just Click-Click & DONE!


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Start Building Sales Pages On STERIODS!

  •  High Converting

    Everything from layout to content section order are proven to convert high.

  •  Beautifully Designed

    Build your ready to publish sales page in 2 minutes, even less.

  •  Fully Responsive

    Don't loose any sale, Responsive layout looks good and converts even on mobile device.

  •  Premium Authority

    Seperate yourself from competitiors with premium eye catching sales page.

  •  Loads Faster

    Code optimized to load faster, No Database connectivity unlike WordPress.

  •  Clean Codes

    Well optimized codes and organised light weight files


In just 5 Simple Steps You Can Create
Cash Sucking Sales Pages and Offer Pages…

1. Enter Product Details

Put all your product details in categorized columns

2. Paste Your Buy Button Code

Paste your product buy button code or choose any CTA button from images offered by the software.

3. Select Your Style

Choose your color and various style options and make your sales page unique.

4. Click The Green Button

When ready, Click "Export to HTML" and choose your save location and folder name. That's it.

5. Ready To Publish

Preview your sales page and you are all set to publish to your web host through any ftp client and start collecting sales.

Watch How We Build A High Converting
Sales Page in Under 60 seconds…


Watch This Detailed Walkthrough of How Sales Page Builder Works…


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Embedded Image





Sites like VideoMakerFx, WPRapidMailer, TshirtAdBuilder and many more are using exact layout style that have got their valuable product thousands of sales. Wanna copy them?




Embedded Image


We tried to clone their Sales Page just to see if its possible to create similar sales page with our dead simple software and the results are infront of you!


Within few minutes we were able to EASILY clone them with Sales Page Builder through our simple ..."Fill-In-The-Blanks" technology which our software uses. Isn't this unbeleivable?



Thy’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on their sales page to build this in-house for themselves & have seen massive conversion, sales and profits. 


Now its YOUR turn to experience the same.



When you build your Sales Page using SPB Software... 3 things are absolute No-Brainer.  

Higher Conversion Rates (Above 25%)

 Get 6x More Sales Of Your Product


Instantly become an authority in your niche





Want to create kickass pages like these?


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Stop Losing Sales & Visitors
It’s Time You Used Something BETTER…

No more having poor conversions on your pages, traffic that does not convert. 


No more failed campaigns because you sent visitors but there were no sales.


No need to spend hours and hours making one sales page.


No more websites crashes and slow loading pages.


No need to make any HUGE investments into sales page designers and staff (save both and money). 


No more having design PSD and then slice them into html pages. That is so 2010.


No life-draining tech skills, designing or coding skills required to make this work for you.


Now You Can Finally Get Super High Conversions
& 100s of Sales for ANY Product or Offer…

Imagine getting 100s of new sales everyday, a tsumani of payment alerts.


Imagine being able to create and edit your offer pages in SECONDS.


Imagine 20%-25% people converting into customers.


Imagine having a professional sales page for every product you have without paying designer fees every time.


Imagine getting 40% more sales from mobile traffic.


What would it feel like to be able to churn out offers at blazing fast speed?





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People Using This Software are BLOWN AWAY…

Brad Stephens
Internet Marketer from South Africa

Definitely boosts sales and conversions!

I've seen a big difference in using html pages for my offers and it definitely boosts sales and conversions. This is an amazingly simple software to create such pages, an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wants to sell or promote offers online.

- Kevin Byrne
Internet Marketer from Ireland

Don't even have to think about design at all!

I've never seen a more simple way to create sales and offer pages than this product. Just fill in the blanks and its done. With all the cool templates, I didn't even have to think about design at all. Very impressive.

- Raul Mellado
Internet Marketer from Spain

Using this software, our sales shot up instantly...

We used a popular wordpress theme for our offers before and then as soon as we switched to a simple html offer page built with this software, our sales shot up considerably, I was surprised but it is a FACT that this really works!

John Zakaria
Internet Marketer & Blogger

You don't need complex software - GET THIS

Simple and easy to use products like this one is exactly what newbies and people starting out with IM need. They don't need complex $200 software but something more affordable and fill in the blanks. This is the perfect solution for everyone and after trying it out I highly recommend it to any of my friends and fellow marketers.

- Radu Hahaianu
Internet Marketer from Romania

Nothing can be simpler & easier than this Software

Since the day we switched over from using complicated software and themes to SalesPageBuilder, the results have been so much better that I've never gone back to creating those heavy pages again. Nothing can be simpler & easier than this.

[FACT] Fast Loading Pages Make More Money…


Faster page load times keeps users happy, Who likes to wait? Not only slow loading pages leaves a wrong "ameteur" "poorly-optimized" impression towards you and your business but also drops your SALES!


Sales Pages built with SPB are static HTML pages that means no connectivity with your dodgy & slow Database on your server. That means  SPB built highly optimized "ready to bring profits" sales pages will load almost INSTANTLY on any device.


Long Sales Pages Loading In Less Than One Second, Yeah Just "1" SECOND.




When 40% of People are now on MOBILE, you need pages that are
100% MOBILE Responsive to Make More Money…





Embedded Image 




Here’s What is INSIDE Sales Page Builder
That Makes it so AMAZING…

(and makes you more money, ofcourse)





 Never worry about what to put where in your sales page. Our software comes with a 1-click solution that prefills all the sections with relevant info to make things super easy for you.





ADVANCED WYSIWYG EDITOR + Column Layout Templates


We’ve seen crappy editors that make it hard for you to edit and add content, that’s why we added the BEST one to make it amazingly smooth for you to add content. PLUS you can create unlimited column layouts with just 1 click and make astonishing looking pages.






When you get the UNLIMITED license, you really are NOT limited to how many pages you can make, create pages for yourself, for clients, for friends and literally anyone you want. No limitations.


Embedded Image.



We wanted to give you some of our BEST & Highest Converting templates to get started with, that’s why we have included 5 amazing built in templates within the software so you can get the best results.  



Embedded Image.


What’s a sales page without great graphics, icons and images. We include a complete set of high quality resources that help you create the best sales pages you can – optimized for speed and performance.



Embedded Image.


In a time when mobile traffic is overtaking web traffic on many sites, we notice more than 40% traffic on almost all sites is from mobile devices. That is why it is extremely important to have fully mobile optimized pages and this software does that instantly.




We’ve taken care of everything you’d need to create amazing sales pages. Every important element you would need from video, bullet points, feature boxes, testimonials..  you name it. We got it. All you have to do is go step by step and fill in the sections and your sales page will be ready in a few clicks.


Embedded Image.




Any template that comes with the software can be instantly imported with all sections filled in, ready to edit, it’s a single click process and you can even share templates among friends.



Embedded Image.



 You can add almost any amount of custom content you want. We have multiple sections that allow this and you can create more effective pages using this amazing feature.


Embedded Image.




Windows Fonts, Mac Fonts and even Google Fonts – we have a collection of great fonts that you can use on your pages with instant preview feature.




Embedded Image.



Want flexibility and control of all your content, that’s exactly why we added a super easy to use toolbar that gives you full control of all the modules and their formatting. Edit anything by just using this toolbar.



Embedded Image.



Never have to upload images separately or have to copy them one at a time… our software is SMART and uses api to upload all images to their cloud servers – they will store all your images for FREE and you won’t have to worry about anything.






 All these and MANY more features are built into our amazing SALES PAGE BUILDER
make it the most effective & easiest to use software you could get today…




ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to Sales Page Builder At 80% OFF!



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Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.
Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you’re extremely safe & your purchase is protected.

SPB Team

To Your Success,

Ankur Shukla
Miles Sharma

P.S. This is a must-have software for every online marketer. You or your staff is probably spending hours & hours or wasting money on expensive designers and developers to get pages done. THIS solves your problem, saves you money and a lot of time while creating the perfect pages you need…

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